Our Proposition


The Telligence business model means that we are only rewarded if we deliver bottom line results for you. We don’t take any upfront fees which means that we invest in your success right from the outset. This gives us a strong incentive not only to deliver for you, but to deliver fast.

We build our consulting teams based on your specific requirements and objectives. We deploy our consultants within a proven and transparent methodology delivering insight, a crucial 3rd party perspective, market intelligence and negotiation to deliver significant realisable and sustainable savings.

Our model means that, unlike many third party consultancies, we can implement a tailored program with very minimal disruption to your internal resources.


Our 8 step recruitment process underpins our commitment to finding only the very top talent in the industry and allows us to work with our clients’ internal teams with minimal disruption while delivering value and transferring knowledge across the following key service areas:


The Telligence team were outstanding. The fastest, most proficient and most professional we could have engaged with…

…In a fast-paced environment things don’t get done, not because there is a lack of will to do them but because there are always ‘urgent/time-sensitive’ tasks which are given priority over (arguably) more important medium/long-term objectives such as maximising profitability by constant and rigorous management of costs.

I could not be happier with the way the project was handled and the significant savings and wider benefits secured during the process.”

Andrew Lyne, IT Director, Superdrug